Where Innovation Meets Inspiration: URBAN

Where Innovation Meets Inspiration: URBAN
Introducing our URBAN Series


Here at LAUT we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve. We want our products to be able to stand on their own based on both the time that we take to perfect our designs, and the high quality standards that we have for the materials that we use. That is why we partnered with CORDURA™ when making our newest series of products.
Since 1967, CORDURA™ has been making fabrics that have changed the world of workwear, outdoor gear and lifestyle apparel. Now, for the first time, they have been incorporated into an area-wide collection of mobile accessories, ensuring that LAUT® URBAN Series products are stronger, tougher, lighter and more durable.
CORDURA™ fabric is unmatched protection against tears, scuffs and abrasions. Its high performance challenges the world around it to raise their standards. In many situations CORDURA™ fabrics have been put to the test and proven themselves time and time again. Their durability and long lasting nature is what first helped inspire the new URBAN series. Knowing that people expect more from what they buy, and wanting to help create less waste, we set out to design cases that were built to last much in the same way CORDURA™ fabric is.
The Design Process:


We take our design process seriously. Precision and planning are a large part of that process. Our top priority each time we design a new case is the end user, we want them to feel the quality of our products is evident in every aspect of their case.
We have two priorities as we design our cases, 1. Making sure that each case fits its device perfectly and 2. that it feels right when using it. We use precise measurements with an imperceptible margin of error to ensure that each case fits its device with exactness.
The Inspiration:


Our URBAN series is inspired by the modern world. Where dependability meets style, and utility doesn't mean boring. The style that each case in this series brings really exemplifies the feeling of living in an urban city. Every aspect of these products was developed thinking about how it would feel in the hands of the end user, and how to apply it to the weight and feel of each of our products.
The LAUT® URBAN Series have been perfectly designed to coordinate with each other in terms of both material and color selection, making them into a matching set. No matter what tech you’re trying to protect, the URBAN series has something for everyone. Elevate your style and bring some urban vibes into your life.