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Charcoal (Black)
Ocean (Blue)
Coral (Pink)
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Charge your devices with a style.

Have you ever experienced the headache with tangled cables? Try the Laut Link Duo. Made from flat cable material, the 15 cm (0.5ft) LINK DUO cable is durable, compact and lightweight. Free you from the tangled world and easy on the go. Certified with Apple MFI certification, it charges your Apple device while preventing the unexpected incidents of your electronics. With the most vibrant and colorful combinations to choose from, you can have Coral, Ocean Blue, Violet, and Charcoal to pair up with your favorite Apple devices.

Make your charging solution simpler, better and fancier.

  • Easy to carry, without tangling
  • Lightning Connector
  • USB 2.0 Support
  • MFI Certification
  • Charge and Sync
  • Four Vibrant Color Combinations
Material Composition:
  • 80% ABS, 20% metal

Material Composition
  • 80% ABS, 20% metal