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Go beyond natural with this MINERAL GLASS case.

MINERAL GLASS case is born to rock. Beautifully rich natural rock patterns engraved artistically on the back, it softly exudes the premium artistry and beauty of nature. With the detailed metallic elements embellished on the case, it enhances your style tranquilly. Made from super tough anti-shatter tempered glass, MINERAL GLASS gives you the maximum protection. Treated with anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating, it is scratch and fingerprint resistant and keeps your iPhone looking fresh just like the day you brought it home!

Let your phone rock with the MINERAL GLASS case.

- Made from 9H super tough tempered glass

- Anti-Scratch

- Unique marble design with metallic elements

- Easy snap-on case

- Qi wireless charger compatible



    Made from Super Tough Tempered Glass, this MINERAL GLASS case is built to be durable and last.

    Unique Marble Design with Metallic Elements

    This MINERAL GLASS upgrades your fashion game by featuring the one-of-a-kind natural rock design with metallic details.


    Utilizing special coating, the MINERAL GLASS frees you from the pain of fingerprints and scratches.

    Compatible with Wireless Chargers

    Designed with wireless charging in mind, this case is thin enough to be compatible with LAUT Qi™ Base Wireless charger or other wireless chargers in the market. Keep your case on while wireless charging your phone.


  • 9H Super Tough Tempered Glass
  • Soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
Material Composition
  • TPU 60%, Glass 40%