PENCIL CASE for Apple Pencil


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Brunt Orange

Find a home for your beloved Apple Pencil.

LAUT not only designs for your iPhone, but also creates solutions for your beloved Apple pencil. Specifically designed to be the perfect add-on accessory for all Apple Pencil users, our ‘Pencil Case’ works great with any case, or even directly onto the back of the iPad, via a no-mess repositionable 3M adhesive. Also, Pencil Case is ultra-slim, compact and minimal, ensuring your Apple Pencil is always within easy reach when you’re in the office or out and about. Coming in 4 energetic colors - Lilac, Rose, Slate, Burnt Orange, Pencil Case adds more colors onto your tech wardrobe. The protective sheath stores your Apple Pencil while keeping it slim.

• Keep your Apple Pencil in place with Pencil Case.

• Ultra Slim

• For All Apple Pencils

• No-mess Adhesive


Ultra Slim

Being ultra slim, Pencil Case adds no bulk, making it super convenient to carry around.

For All Apple Pencils

Pencil Case is designed for all Apple Pencils, keeping them all at hand, whenever you need them.

No-mess Adhesive

Utilising a specially developed adhesive that leaves no sticky residue we you remove or reposition your pencil case.


  • PU leather
  • neoprene