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SPARKLE for iPhone XS Max

  • Don’t forget to sparkle!

    LAUT is inviting you to sparkle with the rainbow. Introducing this SPARKLE case, made using premium faux leather, carefully crafted with a colorful rainbow and a smiley star face, it offers you the soft and comfortable touch and positive vibes you need. Rainbow colored sequins blends smoothly with the smiley star face made from glitter fabric, it can make your day by simply looking at it. The meticulous craftsmanship on the intricate embroidery represents the ultimate quality we pursue. The durable hard back case protects your phone from any accidental knocks.

    Make it your daily mantra to SPARKLE with this case and stand out from the crowd.

    - Premium Faux Leather & Durable Hard Case

    - Rainbow Sequins & Smiley Star Face

    - Qi Wireless Charger Compatible

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