CRYSTAL-X case for iPhone 15 Series - BLACK CRYSTAL


Device: iPhone 15 (6.1")

iPhone 15 (6.1")
iPhone 15 Pro (6.1")
iPhone 15 Plus (6.7")
iPhone 15 Pro Max (6.7")



Discover the perfect fusion of style and protection for your iPhone 15 with CRYSTAL-X.

This transparent case is designed to showcase the natural beauty of your iPhone 15 while providing exceptional durability and defense. Crafted with a super tough anti-shatter tempered glass back, CRYSTAL-X offers unparalleled resistance against impacts, scratches, and daily wear. Its sleek and crystal-clear design allows your iPhone's original aesthetics to shine through, while the anti-fingerprint oil-resistant coating keeps it looking pristine. Upgrade to CRYSTAL-X and experience a new level of protection for your iPhone 15.


Crystal Clear Design

CRYSTAL-X features a crystal-clear design that preserves the sleek appearance of your iPhone 15. Enjoy the beauty of its original aesthetics while ensuring maximum protection.

Ultra Tough Anti-Shatter Tempered Glass Back

Experience ultimate resilience with CRYSTAL-X's ultra tough anti-shatter tempered glass back. This premium material offers robust protection against impacts, preventing cracks and shattering, while maintaining crystal clarity.

Anti-Fingerprint Oil-Resistant Coating

Say goodbye to smudges and fingerprints with the anti-fingerprint oil-resistant coating. This innovative feature keeps your iPhone 15 looking clean and pristine, allowing its true beauty to shine through.

Scratch Resistant

Upgrade to the next level of durability. Scratch-resistant properties ensure that your iPhone 15 remains free from unsightly marks, providing long-lasting clarity and protection.

6ft / 2m Drop Protection

Rest easy knowing that your iPhone 15 is shielded from accidental drops and impacts. CRYSTAL-X offers reliable 6ft (2m) drop protection, minimizing the risk of damage and keeping your device safe.

Corner Protection

The corners of your iPhone 15 are particularly vulnerable to impacts. CRYSTAL-X is designed with corner protection to absorb and distribute the force of impacts, providing added security against accidental drops.

Qi Charge Compatible

Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging. Compatible with Qi wireless charging technology, this case allows you to power up your iPhone 15 without the hassle of cables.


Material and Composition
  • TPU: 45%
  • Glass: 55%


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