HOLO case for iPhone 15 Series - MIDNIGHT


Device: iPhone 15 (6.1")

iPhone 15 (6.1")
iPhone 15 Pro (6.1")
iPhone 15 Plus (6.7")
iPhone 15 Pro Max (6.7")



Embrace the Mesmerizing Beauty of Holographic Iridescence for Your iPhone 15.

HOLO is designed to captivate and mesmerize. The case features a stunning holographic design that catches the light from every angle, creating a breathtaking display of iridescence. HOLO not only offers exceptional durability and protection but also serves as a statement piece that elevates your style for any occasion. With MagSafe compatibility, this case ensures seamless recharging and effortless use with MagSafe accessories, making it a perfect fusion of function and dazzling aesthetics.


Holo Reflection

HOLO reflects the light in a spectacular display of holographic iridescence. Every movement of your iPhone 15 creates a mesmerizing visual experience that is both captivating and unique.

Transparent Casing

The transparent casing allows the beauty of your iPhone 15 to shine through. The sleek and minimalistic design enhances the natural aesthetics of your device.

10ft / 3m Drop Protection

This case has been rigorously tested to safeguard your iPhone 15 from accidental drops and impacts, ensuring that your device remains safe and secure throughout your daily adventures.

MagSafe & Qi Charge Compatible

Seamlessly integrates MagSafe technology, allowing for effortless wireless charging and compatibility with a wide range of MagSafe accessories.

Extra Screen & Camera Protection

HOLO is thoughtfully designed with a raised bezel, providing additional protection for your iPhone 15's screen and camera. The elevated edges help guard against scratches, scuffs, and surface contact, preserving the pristine condition of your device.


Material and Composition
  • TPU: 40%
  • PET: 50%
  • Magnet: 10%


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