HUEX PROTECT case for iPhone 15 Series - LIGHT BLUE


Device: iPhone 15 (6.1")

iPhone 15 (6.1")
iPhone 15 Plus (6.7")

Uncompromising Protection and Style for iPhone 15.

Made using state of the art molding technology, HUEX PROTECT is the ultimate soft case. Built with MagSafe compatibility and a soft-touch coating exterior. The transparent back shows off your phone's color and design, and impact structure on the inside provides extra protection. To top it off this case is both scratch-resistant and easy to snap on.


14ft / 4.2m Drop Protection

Trust in HUEX PROTECT to shield your iPhone 15 from accidental drops and impacts. This case has been tested to have a reliable 14ft (4.2m) drop protection, ensuring your device remains safe and secure.

IMPKT Cell Technology™

Experience the cutting-edge IMPKT Cell Technology™. This innovative feature disperses the force of impacts throughout the case, minimizing the risk of damage to your iPhone 15.

Translucent Back Case

The translucent back case of HUEX PROTECT allows the beauty of your iPhone 15 to shine through.

iPhone Color Matching

Choose HUEX PROTECT for a seamless color match with your iPhone 15. This case is meticulously crafted to perfectly complement the color palette of your device, ensuring a harmonious and cohesive look.

Silicon Coating with Soft Grip

The soft-touch exterior not only provides a luxurious feel but also enhances your hold on the device, minimizing the risk of accidental slips and drops.

MagSafe & Qi Charge Compatible

Experience seamless access to the world of MagSafe accessories, and effortless charging with both MagSafe and QI wireless charging compatibility.

Extra Screen Protection

The raised bezel of HUEX PROTECT provides an additional layer of defense for your iPhone 15's screen. It helps guard against scratches, surface impacts, and accidental drops, offering comprehensive protection for your device.


Material and Composition
  • Half new TPU mixed with Half recycled: 40%
  • PC plate: 50%
  • Magnet: 10%


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